Sunday, September 5, 2010

PRIDE of the Parents...REFLECTION of the Master !!!

Our second son Vishal was born one fine morning and next day, Bidar had the heaviest rains in 30 years. The trusty Bullet motorcycle that he would grow up and learn to ride, still brought his mother's hot soup and nutritious meal to the Methodist hospital where he was born, 3.7 Kg with a full head of hair a very cute baby by any standards.

When he did the first advanced course in 2002, we his parents knew at once that he had changed. Gone was the hot headedness and impulsive behavior. That doesn't mean the energy was less, far from it. He continued to do well at IIT D and went on to win a scholarship to do advanced studies abroad.

As a father, it is a great joy watching my child getting ahead of me at less than half my age on the ONLY path that really matters, with the Guru's Grace.
Mr. Ruby N Merani (Dad)

This young Vishal changed my attitude in life. Made me get the feeling of abundance . I now do everything by and large with a relaxed mind  and "SO WHAT............" and " LET GO........" with these two Phrases My working style has changed ,I just don't get stuck to one activity for too long which I used to earlier and then miss out on something else and then get annoyed and keep pondering on it .I owe this to Vishal for bearing with me so patiently. This makes me feel more stress free and I feel my energy is  fully chanelised in the right direction.

He has also brought discipline in my life .........courtesy him I do my kriya everyday.....
I am quite amazed to see that he wastes no time . Each and every moment  of his life is so beautifully utilised , other wise earlier a lot of time was wasted lazing around.
From childhood he was very focused and intense and was quite a perfectionist .
There is so much and so much to tell about him ........ He is an all rounder ......... good in music , academics ,sports ...excellent athelete,swimmer... spirituallity ....humanity...kindness are just OOzing out of him. 
The GURU is with him .GOD  BLESS HIM .
- Mrs. Indira Merani (Mom)

And its a HAPPY Family :)

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