Monday, May 20, 2013

Love wins over all negativity

This happened with me on a railway station... My phone was low on battery and I needed to charge it... So I found a small kiosk at the station where there was a plug point. There was a 15 year old boy who was manning the kiosk. I asked the boy if he could charge my phone using the plug point till the train left. He promptly did it.

When the time came to leave, the boy said I would be charged Rs. 10 for that ! Although that boy didn't seem to be the owner, he surely wanted to make a quick buck... I felt compassion for him and thought, that if such was the tendency at this age, how would he be when grown up ?

So I said to him, " I am not going to pay you for charging the phone. I am giving you Rs. 10 because you are my friend." Saying this felt good to me and it honoured his end of the bargain as well. He didn't have to charge for something that he didn't really own or deserve, and I didn't feel overcharged for charging of a phone for 10 mins !
At this point, the boy said... " No bhaiya... I don't want anything"... And refused to take money ! Small incidences that bring out goodness in people are so satisfying :)...

This is what I've seen Gurudev doing in each and every action of his ! He uses this technique to bring out the best in a person... Even if the whole world calls a person a theif, Gurudev would call that person 'The most honest man !'.... The beauty is that he really sees that thief's honest side while he says it and the thief also believes in it ! Even for a die hard criminal he says, In a criminal there is a victim crying out for help...! Thus he brings out the best in the person by focusing on the goodness in the person...