Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Broom, Vroom & Zoom !

I asked Vinod Menon ji today… About the success of the new parties… his answer:

Broom, Vroom & Zoom !

The people of India certainly have the intelligence. But many a times they may be out of touch with their sensitivities and sentiments.  Their sensibility directs them to vote for a mature, patriotic and national party.
The intellectually corrupt newest party of Delhi has an appeal. Their appeal is certainly emotional. This broom party can influence by whipping up emotions of the voter. Weak sentiments and misplaced sensitivities can guide the voter in favor of the broom. It does not need a forensic study to see an evidence of studied histrionics and choreographed theatrics in the broom party.

Evidently their rhetoric’s are a continuum of anti-establishment and anti-authority. The end at 49 days of governing Delhi is ample proof of inability to govern. Wiliness, cunning, unchecked ambition and extreme greed has been covered and hidden under the facade of desh bhakti. Have you heard the AK49 chant the following: “Bharat mata ki jai” & “ Vande Maataram”. After harvesting all the votes by whipping up the “Bharat “ sentiments, AK49 will not think twice to ditch these two bharat phrases. Lets do a fact check. Does the Bukhari camp agree to chant along with AK49 ? If not, then isn’t AK49 miss-leading the naive and the innocent.  AK49 is attempting to position himself as a victim in every of his occurrences. He fails to hide his suffocation and frustration after the mainstream media rejected his messages. How can he downplay his miscreant behaviors. Holding on to the comforts of bungalows in delhi and flights in private jet, does not represent the true ordinary man. Behind the outward and visible communication, the character sketch of the Broom leaders shows different intent. That of neutralizing justly wealthy people and diffusing people with honest power. Social equity will be fairly distributed and granted only by much mature and experienced political parties.

Beware of the non-familiar ! Are you ready to bring reasoning into the forefront ? Sensibilities needs to be encouraged over and above sensitivity and sentiments. This is not the time for emotional medication or another experiment. Indians must vote with intellectual conviction. Indian people should not be underestimated. They are capable of seeing the clarity in the next prime ministerial candidate. Today the surveys and other ratings are close to accuracies. If you vote for the party with guaranteed majority then you will save your precious vote.

--As said by Sri Vinod Menon ji

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