Monday, April 7, 2014

The messiah of politics

I just asked Sri Vinod Menon ji about Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji giving opinions in politics ... and here is what he said...

The messiah of politics

As human beings, nobody can be without transactions and interactions. Confrontation and conflict are integral part of transactions and interactions. It is only normal that there are errors and disagreements in conversations. The most popular way of resolving the stand-off between two people is by subscribing to a system of governance. Governance in the way you communicate. Nothing can be devoid of governance.

To make optimum governance-possibilities and to create a framework of legislators, the polity has to elect their leaders. Only then, the elected legislators will get authority to frame rules and regulations for the people. Then the people will be in compulsion to live by these laws and orders. Welcome to politics. Politics is an integral part of living. There are numerous other things which are integral part of your living. Many a times your interests are latent and in seed form within you. At an appropriate time and suitable provocation these seeds emerge and come to the forefront. You will agree that any such surge within you must have adequate tutelage. This excitement and surge in people must get guidance so as to be channeled in the direction of progress. Are there any mass educators to train the electorate on how to vote?

The educator of the masses must have a profile which gives him authority to guide the masses. This guide or the leader must have the ability to see things beyond that which is obvious. The vision of the most of the electorate is limited to only that which is obvious. A short term gratification limited to personal tastes is the present motivation. A true leader and a guide must inspire the voter to a collective cause, a sustainable and a long term goal. The electorate must become persuaded to perhaps compromise on personal taste and connect to a more nobler cause of country and also humanity. A renowned spiritual scholar who evidently has achieved the drive of human value is necessary. Who do you know that corresponds to the profile with a universal presence, international respect, national reach, personal influence and local expertise. Can anybody do without such a guide and mentor ? If politics is integral to you as much as is music, then what we need today is a Guru for the electorate and a messiah of the politics.

It will seem irresponsible for such a Guru if he does not participate in country’s affairs. As a role model, the real Guru will not be seen as an abdicator of duty. Do you have a name that fits this profile? Those who are willing to give a name and a face to this important and urgent profile,  christen it as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

-- As said by Sri Vinod Menon ji

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rabindra said...

Indeed, Sri Sri Ravishankar ji, has been a guiding light for motivating thousands of young people to register as voters and further to bring lakhs of voters pan India to the ballot on voting day. In doing so he is moving people to perform a civic duty. TV ads by government agencies are urging ppl to do the same at a cost to the exchequer. Art of Living volunteers are doing it for free.